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learn to curl lessons
learn to curl lessons
learn to curl lessons
Comment from the President

     The game of curling has been around for hundreds of years; it has evolved over time to become the great game it is today. Curling embodies the strategy of chess and the exercise of tennis played with the nicest group of people you will ever meet! We are a small subculture where it is expected to socialize with your opponents after each game, win or lose.

     Wine Country Curling Club in Roseville, California is on the forefront of the gain in Curling’s popularity in the West. We have frequent open house sessions to introduce interested groups, companies and individuals to our sport. Currently, our “learn to curl” sessions as well as our league play are on weekends. We can arrange curling, as “Team Building,” and it will be fun. Come and see us!

Bob Kuhl
Wine Country Curling Club
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If you've ever wanted to get into the fun, exciting game of curling, sign up for our learn to curl session where our trained and experienced members can teach you the game and show you why it's such a fun sport to play! Get hooked and, who knows, maybe next season you'll register for our league to compete against other clubs and practice all while having a blast!

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